The Right Rev. Charles Hamilton , D.D., D.C.L.
Second Bishop of Niagara and First Bishop of Ottawa

Early Years   -   Bishop of Niagara   -   Bishop of Ottawa


Charles Hamilton Charles Hamilton was born in Hawkesbury, on the Ottawa River, in the year 1834.   He was sent to Oxford, where, at University College, be took the degree of B.A. in 1856, and afterwards that of M.A. in 1859.   He was admitted to the diaconate by Bishop George Jehoshaphat Mountain, and was ordained priest by the same prelate in 1858.   After serving for a short time as curate of the Quebec Cathedral, he was appointed, in 1858, incumbent of St. Peter's Church, Quebec.   He was among those elected in 1861 to represent his diocese in the first Provincial Synod, and in 1864 was appointed Rector of St. Matthew's Church, Quebec, where he manifested a great deal of zeal and devotion for the cause of God and His Church.   Possessed in his own right of ample private means, he made a liberal use of them for good and holy purposes.   He not only advocated the giving of at least one-tenth of one's income for the support of religion, but he practised it, to the great advantage of the Church.

In 1865 Mr. Hamilton was elected Clerical Secretary of the Provincial Synod, a post which he filled most acceptably till the year 1882, when he was called upon to preside over the Lower House of that honourable body as prolocutor. He showed much wisdom and urbanity in his management of the Synod - a body of men not always easy to control.

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